Friday, May 30, 2008

Hope for the future

I have been working harder and harder at getting my website
up and running. I've worked on the website, adding new features such as flash, scrolling images, interactive buttons. Still I'm waiting for more business. I've scheduled weddings for New Years Eve, and a couple in 2009, but I am still waiting for more business this year. I feel I am too late, since the wedding season is coming up and everyone has their photographer. I still have hopes that someone last second will ask me to shoot their wedding, or maybe another photographer will drop out, or get a last second lead. Nothing as of yet. I've even started expanding wedding photography services outside of Riverside CA into San Bernardino and Orange County, but like I said nothing.

Lately I've also been working on getting my name out. All my previous business has gone by word of mouth, and now I am waiting for online sources to work. In google local, I've jumped up from 50th to 6th in two weeks. In google search engines I went from the 100's to 56 to 13 today. Yahoo I am still working on getting better placement. I opened accounts in all major yellow books, superpages and even photography and wedding photography sources. My favorite is . They offer leads for free, and allow you a place to show off your photos in a gallery. I suggest them for other wedding photographers.

I am still hoping and waiting for business, because I actually want to take more photos of weddings. If someone hears this and is in the need for a wedding photographer, just visit my website that I mentioned, I'm willing to travel!

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