Thursday, June 19, 2008

Broke my D200

For all those going to Sea World, don't take your camera. While going on the ride Journey to Atlantis, I was told to put my camera on the floor of the ride. I had it strapped to the front of me, but I was told I could not do that. There was no lockers, nor a place to put it other than the floor of the ride. I was not about to leave $5000 of equipment on the ground to be stolen. We sat in the back of the ride where all the water from the front rushed to the back. The water totally submerged my camera bag. After the ride I pulled my soaked wet equipment out of the bag. My Nikon D200 now no longer works. Luckily I have my D300 still working, but now I have no backup, and my wife can no longer use it.

We made a complaint to Sea World to no avail. They made the statement that they cannot be liable for equipment damaged on the ride. I can understand it if they had a place to put the bag, such as a locker, or cubby, but there wasn't any. Also, I shouldn't have been forced to put it on the floor (that's where their liability comes in). I'm still going to put another complaint in. Even if it doesn't help me any, maybe they'll make changes by adding lockers for others, so it doesn't happen again.

Now I'm one camera short for this weekend. So much for braking even on my equipment I have bought.

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