Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More equipment

I obtained a new camera yesterday. It is the Nikon D300. I've been wanting this camera for a while, but was waiting for the D400. I decided not to wait any longer. Now my D200 is my backup.

I recently have been taking more photos for wedding. However, I still will have to wait till August when it really kicks into action. Also my friend and assistant Daniel is getting a new camera. Seems things are coming together. He even got his vehicle decked out in stickers promoting our company.

The Epson 3800 I just bought broke in less than a week. I only printed about 10 pictures before the inkjets pressures got disrupted. Epson online says its a faulty cartridge. However I called them and they sent out another printer. What sucks is they sent a refurbished printer! I bought a brand new one, and get a refurb. On top of that, the one they sent was broken. The rolling pins had been knocked out of place, and opened a taped shut door. On top of that the inkjets were plugged. I think I got it fixed, but man it's not fair when you buy something new, and get it replaced with something used. I used to hate Epson, but their quality has improved through the years. However, this makes me wonder again if their quality ever did improve.

Any way, I hope the company continues to pick up even more. We changed some things on our website
. We added some more photos, options to submit things, a FAQ page, and some more information about us.

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