Sunday, June 15, 2008

Southern California Wedding Photographer

My wife just graduated today from Loma Linda University with her Bachelors in Nursing. She's been working for a while now as a nurse, but she needed a few more classes to get her Bachelors.

I'm also looking forward to this next week. We are going to San Diego, and visiting Sea World. When we get back we are going to take photos for a wedding in Chino. I'll get to use my new D300 for the first time at a wedding.

I've also been working at optimizing my website. I've been adding keywords (meta tags), changing titles, and finding more links. My yahoo and msn rankings have all sky rocketed in one week. Now I'm on the first page of search engines in my local area. I need to work on misspellings, and other words that may add to my advertising. If anyone knows of any hints, I'd appreciate it. I've created a new checklist. It's location is

A client mentioned changing the pdf to a submittable form. So I hope that makes it easier for people. Also I recently added a about us page and a FAQ page.

Hopefully that will help clients get to know us better and also gain more knowledge so they can trust us. Here's looking to the future.

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