Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The end of the D200

After my accident with my Nikon D200 camera at Sea World, I tried to repair it. Ritz camera evaluated it, shipped it out, but returned it unfixed. It turns out it would cost more to repair than it is worth. I loved this camera, all except that it is easily destroyed by a few drops of water. Not once did I even drop the camera. I bought the camera because it was made from magnesium alloy, and it was said to withstand being dropped. Well I never did figure out if that were true because of this water damage.

So I recently sold it on ebay, and made about $400 off it. About 1/4 of what I bought it for. Recently I bought a Nikon D300, but now I need to get another camera to replace the D200.

About a week after I bought the D300, Nikon announced the D700. I was told when buying the D300 that no new camera would be out for a while. I guess they though wrong. Anyway, I went and talked to them and they said they would allow me to return the D300, and I am now on the waiting list for the D700. They said it should arrive this late July.

So I hope the D700 is even better than the 300 and 200. My clients should like it, since I'll be buying one of the best and newest cameras on the market.

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