Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wanna be photographers

While continuing to update my website I began visiting other photographers websites today. I ran across a website in my area that said they had over 3000 weddings for experience. Doing the math, if they had one wedding a week that would be about 60 years of experience. Now that would be awesome, if their photographs were actually any good. It makes me so mad to see websites that say they have "x" amount of experience. In all actuality, I think what they produce is better than how much experience they have. For me, I would rather choose someone who has less experience if they produce better images. If a client comes to a website and sees that their photos are the quality of a point and shoot camera, then experience will not matter.

Even more, the same website lists awards that they were given. If you research the awards, they were given because they were the only one running for the award. Not to mention, you have to pay to receive the award. Since no one knows about this award, no one else is going to apply for it. What would really be interesting to see, if the award was given out by the same person. It's like me given an award to myself, in hopes that someone stupid enough doesn't do the research and will actually believe it. What I find more funny, is with these 3000 weddings, 13 years in a row award, their photographs aren't that great. I've sent many customers away because I've been booked already. Not once have I recommended them to this company. People I recommend to are based on their quality, reviews, and personal experiences, not their made up experience. In all practicality, anyone can put up a bunch of "bs" about them self on a website even though it's not in any way true. Lastly, people whom I see are best don't have any awards, and if they do it's not something they have to pay for.

Oh by the way, I have 3001 weddings under my belt. Not!

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