Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Scratched Lens - Yosemite Wedding Photographer

It seems when everything is going great, you fall back down again. I bought another lens, this time the 50 mm f 1.4. I gave the 1.8 for Jolene to use. While at a wedding everything was going good, I had to switch lenses to get a wider shot. Once I was finished I went to pop the 50 mm back on. On further examination the plastic cover they give you came off. In the process it caused a large scratch on the lens. Such an expensive lens, and such a cheap cover. Well, hopefully I can get it replaced, but we shall see.

For the most part though, I love the lens. About 90% of the time I now use a 50 mm. They are so much more sharp, and are the best thing for low light. We just completed a wedding in Yosemite. We didn't charge them the usual amount since we love going to Yosemite anyway. The pictures came out awesome. We can't wait to give them their Cd and see their reaction to there photos.

Taking photographs of people in their wedding is so much fun. Even more when it takes place in a scenic area. We have another wedding on Catalina Island that we hope to capture great photos. However, that won't happen till next year. Anyway, we have another wedding this weekend to look forward to. It's on top of a hill looking over San Dimas. We hope that will turn out great for the hopes of the bride and groom.

Here are a couple shots with the 50 mm f 1.4 from this past weekend that I love. We photographed Kelly and David's wedding in Yosemite. If I had the choice to do my wedding again, I definitely would go to Yosemite.


Caught in action

The grand entrance

Yosemite Sunset (with the bride and groom of course)

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