Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Weddings

I just got done doing a couple more weddings.  They came out really great.  I decided to make a book from Ritz Camera to check out their quality on the most recent wedding.  The quality isn't as great as I would like, but it does offer my clients a cheaper way to get book like albums.  I also ordered a book from Blurb.com to test their quality.  This one I made with the images of my portfolio.  I hope they come out great, or at least better than what I got from Ritz.  

I also ordered Jewel Boxing for my DVD's.  I decided to try something different and see how my clients like it.  Another thing I am working on is matting my best 15 shots.  I guess I just want to show my photos in as many ways possible so that they may be as attractive as possible.  

I also bought another flash the SB-900.  This works good for any studio work that I have to do, especially with my SB-800.  At least for the weddings we have another flash when we need it, not that I like using flash though

When scanning through other photographers website, I came across a few new ones.  It is annoying that so many are popping up with the quality of an every day point and shoot camera.  I feel sorry that people fall into the trap of using these people.  Then again, they choose to spend less money.  I just wish people realized that most of the time when spending less you get less.  It isn't a joke.  All my clients keep coming to me with horror stories that their friends had with other photographers.  Oh well, it's not that I am loosing much business.  What is funny though is one photographer is posting pictures they scanned in from canvas photos.  The image is reflecting light.  They didn't even bother to edit the photo, fix contrast, or color lost from scanning.  I guess they don't know how to use digital cameras.  Oh well, hopefully not too many people fall into the trap of using them.

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