Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't Buy the Exteded Service

"Buy the extended service" they said. If you break it we'll give you a new one. Word of the mouth of the manager. I broke my main camera 3 months ago. Of course, me being content knowing I had it covered because I had bought the extended service. I took it in, but of course what they say is not what actually happens. They told me they had to check it out. 3 days later when they said to come back, they still had no idea what was wrong. 2 days later they said they had to ship it out to get fixed. I, remembering they said they would give me a new one, am getting a little upset but didn't complain. Two weeks later, and two weddings shot with out the camera, I called to find out what happened. They said they didn't know and that I would have to wait. I called back after a month had gone buy. They still didn't know. I didn't call until two months after it broke. "We are sorry, we don't know when it will be."

I called again after 2 1/2 months and complained. They know that I am a photographer, but that didn't matter. A week later they called and told me it was in. They had replaced the sensor and gave it a total overhaul. 2 months and 3 weeks it took to get it back. Is it really worth the thousands of dollars in service plans for horrible service? I think not, especially when you need cameras for a job.

In summary, get insurance from a third party. It is far better than waiting for a company who doesn't care about your equipment. "Get a new camera they said." On what planet? Ritzworld?

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