Thursday, January 20, 2011

Exciting Times - Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Over the past few weeks I have been branding our company name. This past month I have expanded my business to Sacramento. A ways from SO-CAL, but just as great. In the process I opened up a new website: . Since my new site includes the letter a, I needed to change a lot of my current stuff.

To make changes, I've changed the colors of my main logo. My contracts now include the a design. Last week I created some stickers that reflect that the logo change, and are now located on my folders. Even more exciting is that I purchased some sweaters with our logo on them. I've done shirts and blouses before, but never sweaters. Wearing them will be like walking billboards. Without the high cost of course.

Jolene wanted me to buy some new name badges. We have our shirts embroidered, but she wanted to be able to wear other clothing that is not embroidered. The new name badges will allow us to still show off our company logo, and even offer our own name when we arrive at weddings. Additionally it will help when we have multiple weddings in a week, and don't have a chance to wash our company clothing. We can just put a badge on our own clothes, and not have to stink!

Additionally, we just ordered some personalized flash drives and cases. For a long time we have been offering our photos on DVD's. We have been looking for creative ideas that would showcase our work even better. So we've designed some personalized flash drives and boxes. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

We are also going to be buying some personalized pens. When meeting with clients we seem to remember our portfolio, our contracts, DVD's and albums. However, sometimes we overlook bringing a pen along. We can't sign contracts without it. With our new pens, we can pre-attach the pens to the folders. That way a pen will never be forgotten.

We are also in the process of designing some booklets that showcase our work, and will also include details of pricing. It is so much better than just words on a paper.

Lastly, we are going to be getting some more examples of various albums. It will cost a pretty penny, but well worth it.

Lots of new things are coming our way. I'll post pictures in the future when they arrive. We are still using our old website and will update things there as well in the near future.

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