Friday, January 28, 2011

Updates - Riverside Wedding Photography

For the past two months I have been expanding my business to Sacramento. In the process I have been traveling a lot. Many people have asked where I am living. Well to be perfectly honest, I have been living in Sacramento and Riverside. Part of the time I am there and part of the time here in Riverside.

I will admit I have been spending more time in Sacramento because I am trying to get my name out. That takes time. I even set up a new blog which is entitled

This blog will be entirely for Sacramento. Since I am still going to be working here in Riverside, I will still be using this blog as well. So it will be like nothing ever happened. While expanding, I've been booking many weddings in Riverside. I've passed on a few, which I wish I hadn't. Though, I do have to pick and choose. There will be some more people that I need to meet in the next couple of weeks. So more traveling to come. My last trip out I booked 4 weddings in a 24 hour period. Pretty good ratio I must say. Anyway, I'll be back posting here soon. A couple engagement sessions are coming up. They will be the most unique ones I've ever done. I can't wait.

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