Sunday, March 13, 2011

Website Changes for Southern California Website

Recently I had been updating everything for my Sacramento website. However, today I decided to make some tweaks to my Riverside website as well. I felt it needed a little more edge and pizazz. So I added a new background. The background is a one that I created for my flush mount albums. Many people commented on how they liked it, so I decided to add it to the site.

Most importantly I eliminated a lot of the flash that occurred on each page. That way each page will now load a bit faster. Additionally I also made my investment/pricing page a bit more easier to read. Before things were a bit messy and it probably was a bit difficult to read. Now I put it into columns and rows to eliminate that stress. I also eliminated the pricing for prints. I felt it added to the headache of deciphering all the details. I will still be doing prints, however I will give the prices to my clients when I meet them.

I have begun wedding season full force now. I've been photographing engagement sessions, booking weddings, and now more weddings. It should be a great year for Wedding by Photo. We are buying a lot more equipment. The more equipment, the more we can pull off shots we would have never been able to do.

One of our biggest things we look forward to is the new pocket wizards. They are made specifically for Nikon, and not only Canon. That will help a lot with off camera flash.

Videography is also taking off this year. We are buying another expensive video camera. Last week we just invested in a new wireless microphone system. That will help tremendously with sound. Anyway, here is a virtual toast to the future.


veronica said...

I'm glad to see you are taking off this season. Can't wait to see what you can do with your new equipment...I'm sure take beautiful photos.

mr24b said...

I have to admit that your work is absolutely astonishing. Vibrant colors and great composition. I am sure your clients are absolutely happy.
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