Saturday, April 2, 2011

Start of the New Season - Riverside Wedding Photographers

Weddings are around the corner. This week we are booked up with meetings in Riverside with potential clients, a maternity session, and two engagement sessions. The second engagement session we have been anticipating for a while. Additionally we get to visit the family. Last time I traveled down Jolene wasn't able to come. So she'll get to see her family as well.

We are traveling to Las Vegas to do a themed shoot. It is also our hope to travel to the Neon Museum (Boneyard) and shoot a 50's style set. Plus we have other things planned out there as well. We hope it turns out great. We can't wait to post the photos. Additionally we will be going to Laguna Beach for some photos there as well.

From April to July we have our weekends pretty much all booked up. It will be a busy next couple of months. Lots of traveling from Sacramento to Riverside. Back and forth, putting miles on the vehicles, and sometimes flights through Southwest. It will be worth it though. Come back to see pictures of this weeks shots.

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